We invite you to come and support our Aux

Officers for 2014 are:

President – Vicki Abucevicz

Vice President – Donna Jean Witt

Secretary - Tracey Delozier (temp)

 Treasurer – Cathy Shaffer

Chaplain – Beth Gillespie

 For many years, the Ladies Auxiliary has coordinated and organized holiday parties, such as Halloween and Christmas for the local children, provided financial support to community members who have been devastated by flood, fire, or a tragic accident, showed support to members who have lost a loved one, and supported other programs hosted by the Club.

Throughout the year, we hold yard sales, bake sales, ticket raffles, etc. as fundraisers.

We have purchased a lighted sign that will help to advertise club activities. For $1, you can advertise birthdays, anniversaries, etc, by contacting the club at 301- 264-3239 or Vicki Abucevicz  at 301-722-0241.

We do wings every Monday nite  from 5pm to 8pm.

Our meetings are the  4th  Tuesday of each month at 7pm. New members are welcome with a joining fee of $20 and a $10 renewal each year. Dues are to be paid by Jan 31st.

We ask that you join us, bring fresh ideas and make an effort to work these activities into your schedule. We are looking forward to your continued participation.




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