1.         Club hunting grounds are for members only.

2.         BOC $100.00 members ONLY are allowed on property during hunting season.      Except during regularly scheduled Club events.

3.         No shooting of Fox Squirrels. 

4.         Doe hunting is only allowed for Jr. Hunters on Youth Day, and those members who are 65 years old or older, or handicapped hunters if they first get approval from the Board of Trustees.

5.         No cutting standing timber, firewood for own use not to be sold.

6.         No permanent deer stands.

7.         All vehicles need to have club membership identification on mirror/wind shield.

8.         Bag limit will be one (1) tagged big game animal per species per hunter per hunting license year, including Jr. Hunters.

9.         Violators will be disciplined.

10.       Trespassers will be prosecuted (zero tolerance) members are urged to report violators.

11.       Four wheelers are to be kept on main road and existing trails, no new trails.

12.       Reserved for Future Use.

13.       New members will be accepted from January 1st until July 31st of a calendar year.

14.       Any new member voted in will have until the next meeting to pay their $100.00

15.       Maryland law will be followed for predator hunting.  Grounds will be open all year.

16.       Any paying member who has a Jr. Hunter (son or daughter) who reaches the age when they are no longer considered a Jr. Hunter will be allowed to join the Club at that time, regardless if the Club has a cap on membership or not. (They must pay $100.00 Fee)

17.       Any person hunting on club grounds must possess a current MD Hunting License and any and all pertinent Big Game Stamps. (Deer, turkey, archery, muzzleloader, etc.)

18.       Any tagged big animal harvested on club grounds is to be reported to the club within forty eight (48) hrs.  If not reported the offending member will be: First Offense will be a warning.  Second offense will be thirty (30) days loss of hunting privileges on club grounds.

19.       New people wanting membership have to attend one meeting to be voted in as a new member. Membership will be open until August 1, 2013.  No membership cap has been set.

20.       Any child who is a Jr. Hunter and possessing a valid Hunter Safety Card can hunt Club property as long as they are with a paying parent or any adult ($100.00) paying member, one (1) Jr. Hunter to one (1) adult paying member.

21.       When a Jr. Hunter looses Jr. Hunter status (reaches the age where he or she has to purchase an adult license) they must join as a $100.00 paying member to be on the property.

22.       Any Jr. Member under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by an adult due to Insurance Liability.   If a Jr. Member and their guardians wish them to be able to hunt alone they must join as a $100.00 member and pay the $100.00.

23.       Any person who is a $100.00 paying member in good standing can bring immediate family members onto Club grounds for day use, EXCEPT DURING HUNTING SEASON, family members should be $10.00 Club members for insurance purposes.





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