Barrelville Outdoor Club

Farm Property Rules & Hunting Regulations



1.     Hunting member – Bar privileges, farm access privilege during public events and hunting season.

·      Apprentice or Jr. Hunter (with written guardian permission) must be full Hunting member to hunt independently on BOC property. 

·      Licensed Jr. Hunters under age of 16 may hunt on BOC property when accompanied by an Adult BOC Farm Hunting member in good standing.  Note Adult must be licensed, 21 years of age, not in possession of a weapon and stay in close proximity of the youth hunter during Jr. Hunting Days as required by MD Law.

2.     Youth dependent– Immediate relative of Hunting Member who is under the age of 16 and accompanied by an Adult BOC Hunting member for recreational activities such as ORV riding, target practice or as a non-hunting tag along.



1.     New Hunting Member - $50 initiation + $100 annual Dues                                                  $150

2.      Annual Hunting Member -                                                                                                    $100

3.     Golden Hunting Member (age 65 & over with 5 years consecutive past membership) -      $   70

4.     Upgrade existing Social to Farm Hunting Member - $50 initiation + $90 one time dues       $140


Member in Good Standing

1.     A Hunting Member shall have dues paid by January 31st of the New Year.

2.     A posting on the BOC webpage will be done to advise of dues renewal.

3.     New and renewing Hunting Members shall agree to sign BOC commitment agreeing to abide by Club Rules & Regulations and Sportsman’s Code.  Copies of Rules & Regulations with map of Club property and Commitment Agreement should be part of membership packet with ID card, Gate Key, ORV BOC sticker and Vehicle Hanger.

4.     A Hunting Members is required to report loss of hunting license/privileges to Club.


Application for Membership

1.     New Hunting Membership Applications and Upgraded Social to Hunting Memberships will be accepted from January 1st until first meeting of August (2nd Tuesday) of a calendar year.

2.     New people seeking Hunting Membership have to attend a regularly scheduled monthly meeting (2nd Tuesday of the Month) present themselves to the Club Officers and Trustees so to be voted in as a new Hunting Member.

3.   Membership Cap as of 1/1/2018 is one hundred fifty (150).


Hunting on Farm Club Property


                  Who may hunt on Club Property

1.     Any person hunting on Club property must possess a current BOC Hunting Membership, Photo ID, MD Hunting Licensed and any and all pertinent Big Game Stamps/Permits (Bear, Deer, Turkey, Archery, Muzzleloader, trapping, fur taker, etc).

2.     Club hunting privileges are for Hunting Members in good standing and Mentored Jr. Hunters during Junior Hunting Days only.  Jr. Hunter’s (under 16 years of age) must possess a Jr. Hunting License and be accompanied by a member in good standing to hunt club property, one (1) Jr. Hunter to one (1) adult member in good standing.

3.     Only BOC Hunting Members and Mentored Jr. Hunters are allowed on Club property during hunting season; with exception of regularly scheduled Club events open to the public.

4.     Any Hunting Member in good standing can bring immediate family members, who are Social Members or Youth Dependents under the age of 16 onto Club property for day use, (work party, target practice, fishing or other recreational activities) for Club Insurance Requirements.  Social Members or non Jr. Hunter youth under 16 are probated from hunting but may accompany a family member who is a Hunting Member in good standing.  Mentors assume the responsibility and liability for youth under the age of 16.

5.     Trespassers, vanadium and illegal hunting will be prosecuted (zero tolerance) members are urged to report violators.


                  Rules of Harvest

1.     Maryland Hunting & Trapping Regulations (Licensing, Seasons, Bag Limits, etc) are to be            followed unless limited within these BOC Farm Property Rules & Hunting Regulations.

2.     Maryland Law will be followed for predator hunting.  Club property will be open all year.

3.     Any big game animal harvested and tagged on Club Property are to be reported to the Club within forty eight (48) hours. If not reported the offending member will be subject to disciplinary actions.  First offense will be a warning; Second offense will be a thirty (30) day loss of Club hunting privileges.  Third offense will result in the loss of all BOC privileges.

4.     Harvest records will be kept by the Hunting Committee and reported to the Membership at the January meeting.

5.     Bag limit for White Tail Deer will be two (2) tagged deer per hunter per hunting license year, including Jr. Hunters.  [from 2018-19  MD Guide: “An antlered white-tailed deer is defined as a deer with two or more points to one antler, or a deer with one antler three or more inches long”]

a.     Jr. Hunters may take Buck or Doe.

b.     Senior (over 65) or Handicap Hunters make take Doe during Doe Firearms Season.

c.     Only Bucks shall be taken during Muzzleloader and Firearms seasons.

d.     Second Antlered Deer harvested on Club property must have a minimum of 3 points on one side.

Example combinations: (note Club point requirement is more than Maryland Law)

·      Doe or Buck with less than 3 points on one side taken as first deer during Archery Season the second deer taken during archery, muzzle loader or firearms seasons must have a minimum of 3 points on one side.

·      Buck with less than 3 points on one side taken during firearms season the second deer taken during muzzle loader or archery season must have a minimum of 3 points on one side.

6.     Bag limit Turkey will be two (2) tagged turkey per hunting license year, including Jr. Hunters

7.     No permanent elevated deer stands or ground blinds.  All temporary stands and blinds must be removed within 10 days of the close of related season.

8.     All personal property (trail cameras, portable tree stands, ground blinds, OVRs) shall be marked with owners name, phone number and BOC Member Number. 

The Barrelville Outdoor Club shall not be held responsible for Personal Property left on Club property.

9.     No shooting of Fox Squirrels.

10.  The Club will pay Bounty of Twenty five Dollars ($25) for Coyote killed on Club or property adjacent to club property.



1.     All Hunting Member vehicles shall display a club membership identification hanger on center wind shield mirror.

2.     Vehicles shall not be left unattended in roadways or blocking access to roadways or trails.

3.     The main access gate shall be kept locked unless there is an ongoing Club Event that is open to the public.

4.     Drivers shall control speed on Club Property to minimize dust.

5.     Maximum Speed Limit on Club Property for all types of vehicles is 30 MPH.

6.     Off Road Vehicles (ORV) (Four wheelers, ATV’s, Dirt Bikes) are to be kept on main roads and existing trails, with the exception of when used to retrieving large game.

7.    No Recreational ORV riding during Deer Firearms Hunting Season!

8.     Damage such as rutting, torn up turf or ground cover and muddy water will be considered as vandalism.

9.     Water is an important resource for wildlife and crossing or disturbance of springs, wet drainage areas and unimproved stream crossings shall be avoided. 

10.  Stunts such as jumping or other unsafe riding activities are prohibited on Club Property.

11.  Youth or immediate family (social member) participating in recreational riding shall be under the direct supervision of an adult (18 or older) Hunting Member; one (1) youth to one (1) adult member ratio shall be maintained. Helmets must be worn by rides and passengers age sixteen (16) or under.  All recreational riders shall be Hunting or immediate family Social Members accompanied by a Hunting Member for insurance purposes.



1.    No cutting of standing timber (green or dead).  Cutting firewood for resale is prohibited.

2.    Collection of wild bounty (morals, mushrooms, ginseng, etc) requires preapproval of BOC Officer & Trustees.

3.    MD Fishing Regulations govern use of pond located on Club Farm property.  Catch and Release fishing is encouraged.

4.    Target shooting shall be conducted only in designated areas (Club Shooting Sports Facility).  All target litter and spent brass shall be picked up and properly disposed of before leaving area.

5.    No DUMPING on Club Farm property.

6.    No Fires or Burning on Club Farm Property except at previously designated fire pits.

7.    No Hunting is allowed in the SAFETY ZONE around the Shooting Sports Facility.  Boundaries of the SAFETY ZONE will be the outside edges of the cultivated fields surrounding buildings, pond and parking areas.

8.    The boarders of Barrelville Outdoor Club property lines shall be marked with a painted Blue band in accordance with Maryland Law; designating private property where No Trespassing and illegal hunting will be enforced to the full extent of the Law.  When entering BOC property a Blue band will be visible, when leaving BOC property a White Dot centered in the middle of the Blue band will be visible.





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